Women’s Well-being

March 10, 2022 No comments exist

In need of a bit of self-nurturing? We might have just the thing. Two new women’s well-being classes coming up with Carole Riggs, making a welcome return to the Elysian Centre. Details below…

Self Love Sundays begin on 13 March and thereafter will be held on the last Sunday of every month – full schedule on the calendar page. These half-day sessions are an opportunity to take some time to pause, to fuel ourselves, nourish our bodies and nurture our souls. Women coming together in sharing circles to practise gentle, restorative yoga and relaxation practices led by Carole, who will nurture you to turn your attention to yourself, your own needs and to reconnect with your own beautiful shining light.

We will also share daily rituals and practices, essential oils and natural products which can be very easily brought into your daily routine. These Sundays are all about stepping out of your daily routine, reconnecting with and honouring yourself and each session will be responsive to the needs of the circle gathered. These monthly sessions will be limited in numbers to ensure small nurturing circles of sharing and support.

There will be nourishing snacks and herbal teas available throughout the morning and we will share a light lunch.

Restorative Fridays begin on 18 March and run every week.

These sessions will fuse all of the differing types of yoga Carole has explored and trained in, but the focus is very much on women’s wellbeing and balance through all the stages of our cycles of life.

There are many yoga classes offering traditional practices; what Restorative Fridays will offer is a place of nourishment, nurturing and restoration. There will be some ‘yoga postures’ at the beginning of each session to connect with and open the body but these are accessible to all regardless of whether you have any experience of yoga or not. The focus of the classes is on Restorative Yin practices followed by Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Each class is a journey home to the deepest parts of yourself and an opportunity to step away from the stress of the modern world. Classes are always shared in circle, are welcoming nurturing and supportive safe spaces.

You can book for either class on Carole’s website, using the links below.

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