What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy in Rye

The concept of holistic medicine dates back to Socrates where in the 4th century he warned of the limitations of treating just one part of the human body. Socrates suggested that environmental factors, nutrition, weather and our emotional state all play a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing.

Today, these same principles apply and holistic medicine attempts to treat the person as a whole rather than a solitary condition or ailment. By addressing the mind, body and spirit, holistic medicine aims to address the root cause of a particular condition, rather than just its symptoms.

Holistic therapy can also prevent illness by improving the immune function and its non-invasive approach helps to promote your body’s own natural healing properties.

Whether you need to address a chronic condition, rid yourself of aches and pains, de-stress or simply enjoy some well needed relaxation, our experienced and talented therapists will ensure you enjoy every moment of your treatment.