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Kellilouise Roberts

Classes Taught: Yoga

I am Kellilouise, a leading practitioner in Tao Chi. This form originates from Tao Yin Yoga, first

developed and performed for its healing properties by Daoist Taoist  monks.

I first became a student of this form over 20 years ago and was taught by Pete Tindal who is a leading practitioner of Tao Yin Yoga.

I have been teaching for 20 years and over the past few years I have developed my interpretation of the form into what I today call Tao Chi  –  Tao the balance of Yin and Yang and Chi the energy and life force.

The form consists of subtle stretches and free flowing movements suitable for all.

It has been designed for longevity and to bring balance, harmony and energy back into our lives.

It is said that ‘the form is contained within the breath‘ and the breath serves as a meditative tool to calm the internal chatter within in our minds.

Over the years I have worked with many students, throughout London and the surrounding

areas, helping people achieve a sense of wellbeing through practice of the form .

I am currently running classes in Tonbridge, Rye and Cambersands.