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Susan Taber (MSTAT)

Classes Taught: Alexander Technique

It is not the degree of ‘willing’ or ‘trying’ but the way in which the energy is directed that is going to make the willing or trying effective

Mathias Alexander

Susan Completed a three year full time training at the Brighton Alexander Technique College in 2013. She is a member of the Society of Teachers for the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). Susan has worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 24 years and is also a practicing Pilates teacher.

I decided to retrain as an Alexander Technique after becoming aware of my own unhelpful habits which eventually led to a knee operation . I have always exercised having been trained as a classical dancer from a young age, but I had developed lots of unhelpful habits along the way. Do we want to keep exercising our unhelpful movement patterns? That is what I asked myself. What if we could find a way to become aware of them and change them? You can with the Alexander Technique.”

During the course you will:

Learn the principals of Alexander Technique

Be able to start applying these principals to your daily activities

Explore some basic anatomy and body mapping

Increase your awareness of your habits of mind/movement which may have gone unnoticed

Explore the connection between what you think and how the physical body responds

Experience 4 one to one sessions to explore more fully your movement patterns

Take away resources to assist you in your practice

What is the Alexander Technique?

It underpins all physical movement and aims to re- educate your body to move with increased ease and efficiency. It will teach you to notice and start undoing unhelpful tension patterns that may be leading to aches and pains, unnecessary wear and tear and may be hindering optimum performance. You will leave the course with tools to improve the way you approach all physical activity. Activities that you have to do and those that choose to do. You will be amazed by what you learn.

Participant comments:

Intelligence is the key to Susan’s teaching of AT- not just her own, but the intelligence that she instils in you,teaching you how to THINK and be aware of how you use your body in daily life. Her profound understanding of the Technique and ability to explain and demonstrate its purpose and practice is the foundation for better living generally”

“I discovered that there is a discipline that you can use all the time in your everyday life. Not just attending exercise based activity sessions”

“I learnt so much about my body and my own physical responses to life”