Homoeopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine developed by respected German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, in the late 18th century. Based on the central principle of “like cures like”, homoeopathy uses very small concentrations of a particular substance to cure the very same symptoms that become prevalent in larger doses.

The holistic nature of homoeopathy aims to treat every person as a unique individual, taking into consideration their body, mind, spirit and emotions in the management and selection of treatment. By taking into account an individual’s personal level of health, our resident homoeopaths will select the most appropriate medicine to stimulate your very own innate healing.

Our qualified and experience homoeopathic practioners are available at the Elysian Centre in Rye throughout the week from Monday to Saturday

Our Homoeopathy Practitioners:

Bella Griffith

It is my firm belief that complementary therapies should tap into the wisdom of past times that has survived because of its effectiveness. We...

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