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Sonja Colman

Treatments offered: Nutritional Therapy

The soul is characterized by these capacities; self-nutrition, sensation, thinking, and movement


My focus is on healthy eating and well-being, using the tools of nutrition to help people understand any nutritional gaps they may have, how lifestyle choices can impact these and how to find practical ways to fill those gaps for a healthier life.

I believe in a holistic approach to looking after ourselves: our lifestyle choices, the food we eat and the exercise we take.  It is not about ‘diets’ or not having fun. Having been vegetarian since my teens, I’ve had a keen interest in nutrition for over 35 years.  Now, I am finally following my passion and have retrained in nutritional therapy.

I have also recently completed a practical nutrition course at the renowned Leith’s School of Food and Wine in West London.

 It is all about balance and realising that we are worth it.