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Sky Hawk

Treatments offered: Reiki

Divine Love is our real nature. Love is shining in each and every one of us. There cannot be any manifestation of any kind without this power of love behind it.     Amma

Sky has had a thirst for nature, natural remedies, and alternative therapies her whole life. She started learning about alternative therapies when she was 18. Since then it has been a constant source of inspiration and learning. She believes in the power of Love and in our own ability to heal ourselves, although sometimes we do need a little help to kick-start that inner spark.

Sky’s journey with Reiki started 20 years ago. She quickly realized that by channelling energy the body could be allowed to naturally heal and restore its own emotional and physical wellbeing. Sky was mentored by 2 very different but powerful women who shared their secrets with her and it is these secrets along with her own experience gained over her 20 years of practice that she applies when undertaking her role of a Master Reiki Practitioner.

Sky has a unique style of Reiki where she incorporates internal body adjustment techniques, intuition and charka clearing. When this happens Zest Reiki is born.

Sky delights in helping people feel relaxed and well.