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Lizzie Winwood

Treatments offered: Altai Massage

 “In order to find tranquillity and self-healing you need to create space within the beautiful structure we call the body. Nature provides answers but never asks questions – the answer to healing begins from within.”

From an early age, having suffered a series of debilitating illnesses that there appeared to be no answers to, I was taken as a ‘last resort’ to a form of massage therapy which completely turned my life around. That was 30 years ago, since that time I too have been helping others to open up their bodies to self-heal through various massage techniques.

Altai massage has its roots in the shamanic healing traditions of the Altai mountain region of Siberia. Using long rhythmic, sweeping movements, the whole treatment has the beauty and tranquillity of the Altai region landscape creating space within the body to allow for self-healing both mentally and physically, leaving you with a sense of peace and well-being.

I also invite you to join my yoga practice which reflects the same ethos, focusing on harmony between mind and body.