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Lisa Fricker

Treatments offered: Homoeopathy

Our emotional and physical wellbeing is a vital balance that we need to nurture, in order to try to steer away dis-ease from within. When out of balance, Homoeopathy is an age old and highly effective healing tool that gently, holistically and individually restores this balance. It provides the trigger needed for our own healing processes to begin.

My working life began in London in the busy private sector. Eventually realising that this was not for me, I decided to embark on an adventure, living and working in Australia. Some years later after returning from Australia, I settled down and started a family. An opportunity arose to work with children at Pre-school and Primary School. My role here allowed me to support many children as well as individual children with special needs. I found working in both areas very rewarding.

As a result of the poor health of my first child I began my fascinating relationship with Homeopathy. This led to my awakening to the possibility that I might actually become a Homeopath. I qualified in 2017 at the South Downs School of Homeopathy and am now practicing at The Elysian Centre.

Lisa Fricker is a Registered Homeopath and a member of The Society of Homeopaths.