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Colin Griffith

Treatments offered: Homoeopathy

True healing comes from within, not from without. Homoeopathy holds that each one of us has an intrinsic ability to self-heal; even in a chronic state of ill health.

Homoeopathy is the art of finding that which in Nature is imbued with energy most similar to the patient’s state of imbalance, prescribing that energy in the gentlest possible manner and thus initiating the body’s own response to its present malaise; as if reminding the body of what it has temporarily forgotten. Our loss of equilibrium is usually a sign of having lost our way and thus, ultimately, is of great service to us.

Colin qualified at the College of Homoeopathy in 1989 and has run a busy practice in East Sussex and Kent ever since. Having started working from a drop-in and teaching clinic in a village hall, he went on to working at a multi-disciplinary practice, lecturing in some of the many schools of homoeopathy in this country as well as abroad and writing books.

He has taught in Japan, Canada, the United States, Greece, Spain and Ireland. He has so far published five books: on the philosophy of natural healing (The Companion To Homoeopathy), first aid (The Handbook of Practical Homoeopathy) and specialist reference books on new medicines and prescribing.

He particularly enjoys working alongside osteopaths and other disciplines as he strongly believes in the complementary nature of all alternative therapy. He belongs to a group of homoeopaths dedicated to the discovery and clinical proving of new medicines.

When Colin is not in the clinic he is a potter, making stoneware pieces which he exhibits locally.