Sally Bayly

I believe that Yoga Is For Everyone – men, women, young, old, beginner, experienced…..

It will focus & calm your MIND, energise your BODY and refresh and uplift your SPIRIT

I am British School of Yoga trained and have practised for over 25 years. I include elements of all styles of yoga in a unique way – I aim to take the mystery out of Yoga. Yoga is a very special practice, a way of life. Miss a class and you will feel something is missing from your life! My classes follow a pattern week to week, but always with something fresh and new – so students will learn and progress very quickly.

Comments from a recent yoga retreat:

“I love Sally’s yoga. I’ve never been to a class like hers before. She is so insightful, so helpful, you learn so much and it never gets dull”

“I have been practising yoga for 15 years and had resigned myself to never being able to do a headstand. I went to Sally’ class at Green Farm and she had me doing my first headstand ever, straight away. It was amazing. I never thought I could do it!”

“… she teaches so thoroughly and inspires such confidence in every member of the class, no matter how new or experienced they are”

“Sally’s classes are so great. No matter how I feel when I go in, I always leave feeling taller, more energised, more focused and more relaxed, all at the same time.”