Joanna Allen

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.

After setting up a successful Yoga Events & Wellness business in the middle of a pandemic, Jo graduated as a Yoga teacher in 2021, wanting to share her love of Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga & the benefits these practices can have on mental & physical health with her growing following in the East Sussex area.

As many do, Jo found Yoga through times of difficulty, keeping her mind & body balanced through breath-work, meditation & movement.

As mental health is a priority, especially in the on-the-go lifestyle many of us lead, Jo aims to offer inclusive Wellness events & Yoga classes to inspire, excite & open the mind to new levels of calm & self discovery.

As well as movement, the Elysian Centre is proud to be the rehearsal space for Rye’s first & only mindful choir ‘Sing It Out’, using the positive benefits music & singing in a group to boost mental health & confidence!

During her Yoga Teacher Training, Jo became interested in the idea that each of us have both a strong, grounded, ’Warrior’ side to our personality, & a softer, reflective ‘Goddess’ side within.

As a running theme in her events here at the Elysian Centre, the idea of balancing both of these energies equally means we are more able to remain resilient yet fluid, strong-minded yet open & proud yet reflective.

An overall sense of unconditional love for ourselves & others also runs deep through her classes, allowing people to connect with their body & to authentically & unapologetically be themselves.

Jo’s classes & events welcome all levels of Yoga, using the universal language of movement & mindfulness to connect with everyone who joins in!