Bella Griffith

It is my firm belief that complementary therapies should tap into the wisdom of past times that has survived because of its effectiveness. We need constantly to rediscover and adapt what has always worked and to use it in search of the gentlest possible healing in the shortest time so that patients may return to their purpose.

It was natural for me to become a practitioner of alternative medicine as I was brought up on homoeopathy from the beginning. I qualified first as a reflexologist in 2001 and quickly realised that ‘hands on’ work suited me well. Wanting to broaden my horizons, I then qualified in Shiatsu massage and as a teacher of Qi Gong. This gave me a thorough base grounding in the principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine with all its amazing depths of understanding of the human condition.

In 2008 I decided to take the degree course at London’s Centre for Homoeopathic Education with the intention of combining East and West in my practice.  In December 2014 I went on a very successful trip to Swaziland and Mozambique to teach the basic principles of Homoeopathy in Portuguese and Spanish. I was involved in sitting in on some fascinating case-studies that truly confirmed how remarkable the human body’s healing response can be with Homoeopathy where no other influences of medical practice were possible.