Anna Mitchell

As a qualified trichologist, Anna has specialist knowledge on the structure, function and health of scalp and hair. She also has over 25 years experience in the hair field.

You can see Anna for the early signs of hair loss or thinning, or for advanced cases that have taken you to the brink. The same for scalp conditions that cause you discomfort, or are damaging your confidence. Intuitive and supportive, she is exactly the kind of person you want if you’re struggling with a change in your appearance. Think of Anna as a detective, working alongside you to solve the mystery of your condition, and helping you reach the diagnosis you need to make a treatment plan and move on.

Anna is highly skilled and able to offer a range of solutions, both short- and long- term. This could look like a recommended product or ingredient, a diet or lifestyle shift, a referral to a dermatologist or GP, or an immediate treatment such as scalp needling, scalp micropigmentation or wig cutting and styling. Scalp micropigmentation is an ingenious technique that immediately creates the effect of fuller hair density. See Anna’s website for all the details.

Anna’s passion for hair and scalp health goes way back to childhood. A close family member was born without hair, and Anna would accompany them on regular trips to a London trichologist. Here she’d get the chance to look under the microscope and learn about the diagnostic process. Throughout her career working with hair, Anna has attended regular seminars and events to keep her knowledge up to date.


There are various reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss, hair thinning or have a problematic scalp. I provide a private consultation service to help investigate, diagnose and resolve your hair and scalp concerns.

During your visit I will take a detailed history, including information about your lifestyle, diet, medical history, medications and any other external issues.

Wig cutting and styling, scalp micro-pigmentation and scalp meso therapy services available upon request.