Person-Centred Therapy at the Elysian Centre

July 29, 2022

From 3rd August, we are adding another option to our range of psychotherapy treatments. Gail Boakes will be practising on Wednesday afternoons between 2.30 and 8.30pm, and at other times by arrangement where there is availability. Gail is qualified in person-centred counselling and is offering a free half-hour introductory session, giving you the opportunity to see if this approach would be helpful for you.

Person-Centred Therapy was developed by the Psychotherapist Carl Rogers in the 1940’s and continues to develop to the present day, both in theory and practice.

Rogers aimed to offer a differing approach to the psychodynamic methodologies which were established at the time. He believed the relationship between client and therapist was central, focusing on the client not theories, following their experiences and not forcing or imposing upon them.

The relationship ensures that the client and counsellor both bring something to create a positive change, but with the client being seen as an individual in their own right. He deemed every person had the potential to evolve throughout their life, and he therefore averted diagnosing or assessing clients, believing that all individuals were experts on themselves. He noted that people have the capacity for solving their own issues, highlighting the importance of the relationship between client and therapist. The therapist enters into the client’s world and metaphorically walks alongside them, facilitating self-discovery by the client themselves.

For more details and information on how to book, visit Gail’s page here.