New Classes Launch Next Week

March 4, 2022

Joanna Allen will be launching three new classes at The Elysian Centre starting from next week.

There are only 10 spots available per class, so make sure you don’t miss out.

You can book for any of these classes by clicking the button below. Scroll down for more info on each class…

Step In To Your Power with Warrior Goddess Flow

Do you often feel out of balance?

This beginners Yoga Flow aims to build the strength of a warrior & the radiance of a goddess.

With a focus on balancing the solar & lunar sides of the Yoga practice, you will feel equally in tune with your masculine assertive energy & your feminine intuitive energy, allowing you to step in to your power & take on the challenges of the week ahead. This is perfect for beginners & anyone who feels energetically out of balance!

Balance Your Mind & Body with Pilates Yoga Fusion

New to exercise or recovering from injury?

By combining conditioning Pilates exercises & Yoga stretches, we are able to get a complete workout for mind & body.

These unique classes offer strength, balance, mobility, stability & flexibility, while using Yoga principles to find mindful moments of calm. This is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on strengthening their core, is new to exercise or is recovering from an injury!

Recharge & Relax with Yin Yang Yoga

Do you find it hard to still your mind?

This wind down Yoga session will begin with Yin Yoga postures, which we will hold for longer amounts of time to massage the joints, organs & connective tissues in the body.

This results in a profound calming of the mind & nervous system! We then will follow with a slow Yang Yoga Flow to mindfully stretch out the muscles & find space in the body.

A meditative Savasana will take you back into a deep relaxed state & leave you feeling calm & collected. This is perfect for beginners or anyone who needs to de-stress!

You can book for any of these classes by clicking the button below