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Yoga Mini Retreat with Joanna Allen

12th August | 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

These are mini retreats for mind and body. Each session will have a different theme and will work through a series of techniques from meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama breathing and self reflection, among other practices. 

Prepare to feel relaxed and use an inward focus to understand yourself and your needs better.

Take time for yourself and your wellbeing, as well as a safe space, I will give you tools to take into your life that you can revisit in difficult situations. 

29th July – Creating Balance mini retreat

5th Aug – Movement Medicine mini retreat

12th Aug – Feminine Insight mini retreat

19th Aug – Shine Your Light mini retreat 

26th Aug – Facing Fear mini retreat

12th Aug – Feminine Insight mini retreat

In this mini retreat we will be tapping into our feminine energy and embracing the importance of feminine qualities that have historically been seen as weaker than masculine qualities. We will be exploring how these qualities have strength and are necessary for a healthy balance.

You cannot have the sun without the moon, fire without water, masculine without feminine, positive without negative, light without shadow, summer without winter, action without rest, the list goes on!

Yin and yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that reminds us that balance is the key to harmony. By balancing out the opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang in our modern lives, we can achieve more vibrant and sustainable health for body and mind.

We will use meditation and non-movement to explore the yin, lunar, intuitive qualities followed by gentle movement to explore the yang, solar, dynamic qualities. Rounding off with a meditation to bring together and balance the mind and body and go into a deep relaxation.

Suitable for all levels of yoga, beginners welcome. Yoga equipment provided.


Joanna Allen

07949 189539

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