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Yoga and Art Therapy Mini Retreat

30th July | 2:00 pm 4:00 pm

The Humble Warrior has teamed up with Harriet from Heart Smart Arts to bring you this unique experience, combining yoga movement, meditation and the mindfulness of art for self discovery and healing in this soothing mini retreat.

Take time for yourself in this mini retreat where we will take you on a journey, encouraging your mind to become completely still with meditation, connection to the breath and some deeply restorative Yin yoga which Jo will guide you through.

You will reach a relaxed state where you can allow your subconscious to emerge, releasing deep feelings to process and questions to resolve.

After this inward self exploration you can feel free to work through any discoveries using the medium of art with the support of Harriet. This is a safe space to express yourself fully and see what you encounter along the way, without judgement, just allowing it to arise.

After the art session you will be taken back through a guided relaxation. The mind and bodily response due to the effects of the mini retreat will allow your nervous system to take your body to a place where healing can occur.

Joanna Allen

07949 189539