Systemic Constellation

Systemic Constellations is a facilitated process that can bring to the surface hidden dynamics and resources. In a reflective exploration, during which individuals ‘represent’ aspects or elements of a given situation, a kind of living map is created.

This map helps us to identify and acknowledge the hidden dynamics and loyalties that lie at our root – familial, historical and at a soul level. By tapping into our own body’s knowing, constellations transcend the narratives that we may be bound by to reveal deeper truths and opportunities for healing. This therapeutic practice departs from more conventional models in that it recognises the various ‘systems’ – current or past – to which an individual belongs, be it familial, within work settings, or cultural/tribal. It equally honours the impact of the ancestral line on the individual, revealing the inter- and transgenerational gifts and challenges we may unconsciously carry. A systemic constellation circle provides a safe space for participants to present an issue, gain insight into systemic dynamics and imprints so as to remove intractable blocks, release negative patterns and make pronounced shifts towards the future. Whether your intention is deeper self-reflection and knowing, or the need to overcome a specific issue, systemic constellations offers a unique way of exploring the self beyond the mind and body.

Our Systemic Constellation Class Tutors:

At present we do not have Systemic Constellation classes but please check the calendar for more information.