Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Without trying to overcomplicate things, Sound Meditation is the simple practice of deepening your meditation with the use of sound and/or music.

For thousands of years sound has been used in a variety of wonderful ways to help sooth and relax the soul. From Mozart and Chopin, to Tibetan gongs and chimes, sound and its accompanying vibrations are a natural and effective antidote to the noise of the modern world.

Also known as “sound healing” or “sound baths”, this therapy is a great introduction for beginners into the profound effects of meditation; or for those who have maybe tried meditation before but found it difficult to “turn off the chatter” inside their head.

By providing a focal point the soothing sounds essentially do the hard work for you, and open the door to a relaxing and restorative hour of beautiful sound.

Our Sound Meditation Practitioners:

Sarah Stephenson

From birth, music and sound has been an integral part of my life and guided me through my own healing journey. I trained as...

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