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"Throughout my years in gentle pursuit of health, happiness and a little wisdom I never dreamed I would create a place of holistic healing and wellbeing – but here it is. Welcome to The Elysian Centre."

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“An extraordinary moment of inspiration led to the creation of The Elysian Centre, providing the perfect environment for a gathering of gifted healers.” – Maxine Witham.

The Elysian Centre is a multi-disciplinary practice for holistic healing located in the heart of Rye, East Sussex. We offer a variety of therapies designed to encourage psychological, spiritual or physical wellbeing in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Our therapies include homoeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, naturopathy, functional medicine and digestive health, reflexology, shiatsu, sports and therapeutic massage and psychotherapy.

We also provide classes in Pilates, Yoga, Chi Kung, Mindfulness, Sound Meditation and Sound Healing.

Our practitioners all have a broad range of experience in alternative medicine and are dedicated to promoting wellbeing, and supporting patients on their healing journeys.

We believe in the complementary nature of holism and whatever a patient's choice of therapy, our approach is to initiate and strengthen Nature's own extraordinary gift of self-healing.

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"Welcome to The Elysian Centre. All appointments are made and maintained through our individual practitioners. Their email addresses, telephone numbers and websites are here for you on this website."