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Renée van der Vloodt

Treatments offered: Coaching


 “In just a few sessions of coaching or therapy, I can help you overcome debilitating symptoms – including stress, low self-esteem, burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger or addictive behaviour – without unduly dredging up the past, or needing to commit to lengthy sessions of therapy or medication.

You’ll also learn about what we need to be emotionally healthy and resilient, so that life can continue to be a flourishing process of growth and learning.”

Renée – psychotherapist, coach and trainer – has devoted her life to facilitating people in self-discovery and expression of their natural talents. Her fascination with people and their creativity led her to become an art historian, BBC TV producer, a teacher and, in 1996, establish her practice for ‘the creative mind’ – people with learning difficulties.

She went on to study the very latest ideas in mental health care, synthesising modern neuroscience and ancient (body) wisdom, and became a psychotherapist. Renée trained practitioners in the Davis® Dyslexia Method for nearly 20 years worldwide and now teaches the Human Givens Psychotherapy Diploma. She also offers a wide range of practical workshops and programmes on mental health, emotional well-being, parenting and the creative mind.