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Lindsay Taylor

Treatments offered: Indian Head Massage

Natural Facelift Massage Reflexology

My ethos is one of peaceful relaxation to heighten both the physical and emotional benefits of her therapies. The aim is to revitalise, heal and restore. There is a spiritual influence to my practice, with emphasis on achieving a sense of harmony and well-being.

I have always had a keen interest in holistic therapies and natural health, and have worked for over 15 years as a nurse in Central London and trained as a Reflexologist in 2005 at the Central London School of Reflexology. Further studies included specialising in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology, Hot Stone and Mindful Reflexology under the well-renowned Sally Earlam.

My other therapies include Natural Facelift Massage and Indian Head Massage where I qualified from the London Centre of Champissage.


A reflexology treatment can be a very relaxing treatment that can help to restore imbalances and well-being. Specific reflex points on the feet are massaged and stimulated. If there is a blockage of energy in this pathway ending in the feet, reflexology can help to remove this blockage. The body will be treated as a whole, but these specific areas of imbalance are gently stimulated to encourage the body’s own healing process and restore it’s own healthy balance.

Hot Stone Reflexology

This treatment incorporates hot stones into the treatment to enhance the effect of the reflexology treatment enabling your body to relax to a deeper level and increasing the harmony and balance within.

Maternity/Fertility Reflexology

The relaxing and re-balancing effect of reflexology can be useful during and after pregnancy. It can be used to gently relieve some symptoms of pregnancy and improve the chances of a natural birth and reduce labour time.

Mindful Reflexology

A mindful reflexology treatment will focus on certain reflexes within the treatment to help reduce the physical and psychological effects of anxiety and depression.

Natural Facelift Massage

This treatment incorporates a variety of massage techniques, focusing on acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, energy balancing and facial exercises. There are no creams or oils used and it is an amazingly relaxing treatment with positive effects even after one hour treatment.